A Review Of Series Finale : Sense8

The best episode of the series has been published just for the fans who loved it. It has been announced that the series has been canceled after two seasons has been published already. That was due to the economical feedback they ended up with as a result of the lack of unforeseen profit they made. However, for Netflix, couldn’t just leave it because of the millions of fans waiting for at least a finale. The finale was, therefore, the last reason bringing up the cast together to architect a two and a half hours long episode which answers all the questions in people’s mind, even in theirs. 

Sense8 is a science fiction fantasy Netflix original series which basically represents the lives of 8 different people from different genders and different races. Instead of normal human beings, it tells the story of 8 people who were born at the same time in different places with the same distinction of literally being a different kind of human called homo sensorium. These people are emotionally connected which includes experiencing the pain the others feel.  Series, takes place in many different cities, that are in different continents. The combination of these races gives the chance to get an idea about the cultures of these people. This gives an international feeling to the audience. 

Sense8 creates an atmosphere which makes you feel like you are in there with them and fighting against anyone that comes to you. The feeling of not being alone always makes you braver than you can ever be. All the complexity created has left in the end with all problems being unsolved. That gives an undeniable reason for the finale being such long which is about three times longer than a normal episode. Despite a normal episode which would take place in 8 different cities which are  Berlin, Chicago, London, Mexico City, Mumbai, Nairobi, San Francisco, and Seoul, in the finale, it has spread mostly over Europe. Including their long trips, mostly the most important city was Paris. The adventure and views during their journey were terrific. They gave the chance to see Paris in a visually terrific way. The international principle was even broader in this episode. 

         The extended end of the of the story I predict cost a lot of money. Apart from the rent, they paid for all these places, this episode even included a wedding at Eiffel Tower. The feeling the wedding gave you were very meaningful at that moment. Especially with the amazing reaction of Nomi’s mother, it was a great way to show the power of love which can bring everybody together under the same roof. It was not only for Nomi who was criticized by her sexual preference as a transgender but also for the people who were completely different being shown united. That was a great way of showing that nothing can prevent this unity that brings people together especially these days. 

         The scene with the helicopter being exploded and everything is gone in a second gave the feeling that what you are watching is not a series but a movie but still it was bringing to an end that didn’t last in a second so it was completely satisfying.  The only problem was for sure not being able to watch the finale without splitting into two parts or so. It is far too long for a series like this. However, the scenes with a real desire of the cast make it much more appealing. As a result, it doesn’t really make you feel watching for that long but still long. 

         Their journey involving dances and adventure through train and car are both awesome and enjoyable. The ability of 8 people hearing the music the other’s listening gives a magical environment even for the normal people they are with can experience. This music preference on the background is definitely a great choice that puts you that mood. Also, the costumes are the main attractive choices in the finale, especially the dresses they wore at the wedding is very impressive. It makes the audience to feel that magical and luxurious environment on Eiffel Tower.

The series’ finale is a great combination of events that ironically fighting with the racism and people’s choices in their sexual life. It creates an atmosphere that is protected. The great acting performance is present with the amazing photography quality which must be perfect for a science fiction series like this. The choice of different nationalities brings more people together at the end which is even more even for the representation of unity. 

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