Nowadays, many people claim that due to the increase of average age in human population, the age that people retire must be increased. Apart from the possible opposing ideas that probably most of the people would like to say, for the benefit of community and government; it should be applied to laws. That is because of the people who will retire not having any real reasons to retire but their age that exceeds the limit.  In my way of thinking, it is the only way of getting rid of the problems that we might come across as a result of the developed health opportunities presented to us in this century. 

First of all, the most important factor that brings us to the point where we discuss the increase in the length of people’s life is a consequence of technology that develops science and health care. This factor eliminates most of the possible problems that might happen to the people who are at the retiring age. Unlike the people’s wish to stop working and spending money which is a result of years of work; health comes first when we consider the money presented by the governments. One of the most important reasons that makes people retire is them being tired and sick as a result of their age. However, since it is now given at the highest quality to all people, considering the big and developed countries, it can’t be stated as a reason to retire. 

Secondly, one of the most important of the discussion is the communities and government’s benefit which actually result in the beneficence of that person. When we talk about a government to benefit and develop, it first comes to the money problem. That comes as one of the biggest and most important problems in today’s century. That is a huge problem in many countries due to the governments despair of what to do with old people who have retired. That is because of the fact that government pays a lot of money for old people which they don’t get back enough of them from the young people which brings up an inequality in the economical status of these countries. That pushes governments to a difficult point. For that reason, the age limit must be exceeded. 

Thirdly, the profit of government is also very much connected to the person’s own rights of having a job and earning money. This is an important point when we discuss the jobs which are doable by older generations that an old person can do such as babysitting their own grandchildren which removes the possible simple jobs that younger generations might have. This result in the jobs that doesn’t require any university diploma or specified education being chosen by old one’s them instead of the people who are not getting any money from government. This problem of old people taking job opportunities from young people’s hand proves necessity of increasing retiring age. This will give the old people the obligation to work more years. 

To sum up all, since for today’s older generations which are able to do many things than it used to be in the past as a result of the developed conditions and technology in science, it can  modify some rules which if not changed can destroy many social rules and economic status. This can both be stated for the benefit of the community and the government but still ending up with the individual beneficence. 

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