Buy More, Save Big, Have It All

Buy More, Save Big, Have It All

In our current society, it is very common to buy what is more popular and expensive. For most of the people in the world, it is a better preference to buy the expensive one with a discount rather than buying the same product of the same quality which is far cheaper than the other one. For this purpose of catching the expensive products, that makes them wait for the suitable time of the discount seasons or times. 

Additionally, even if these people don’t need anything, they always tend to buy what is on sale or which product’s coupon they have even if they don’t even have a connection with. This idea of pushing the buyer to buy more as a result of the rewards such as coupons given or discounts, sales that are present at that time. This example of positive reinforcement is a type of operant conditioning in which consumers are rewarded for buying a product or service.[1]That was the reason why I chose the slogan ‘Buy More, Save Big, Have It All’, it was a way of showing how interested the people are in buying things for much more amounts which will cost them less money. That might even result in having too much irrelevant stuff at home because of the urge comes to you when you come across with a single slogan or message that gives the information about the pricecutting. Furthermore, sometimes when you see a product that is on sale at that company, you tend to buy it without comparing the other products and prices. Exaggerated prices with a current price end which has been cut by the discounts applied can even be the case. In this example, there is always a group of people who haven’t done the market research to see the current pricing of the product. That fact also proves that people in the twenty-first century have the tendency to buy the product with discount. 

When we see the slogans such as ‘buy 3 get 1 free’ or ‘limited offers’ we push ourselves much more into buying something for have been benefited from the discounts. These slogans are in most of the products whose sellers sell and calculate their benefit from it which will be done in several times a year mostly. The customer behavior is a very important point in that sector because of this reason. The owner of the company or the seller who knows about the usual customer behavior to buy the products which are on sale; and the seller who follows the current market pricing of a product makes his pricing accordingly in a way he won’t have a loss.

This human behavior of tendency to buy the products at a specific status might result in some social effects on the way they live. As an example of a good result, there are the people who benefit from the lower prices which will be supporting the family economy. This will make more people experience a high welfare status. Hence it is a way of developing the country/world when its socio-economic status of the country is taken account. On the other hand, it has negative effects such as fraud which happens by the formation of the substructure of the marketing sector to be competitive. That is because it becomes usual to sell some products for higher prices by the change of the amount inside of the package. Also, this negative effect includes, for some people only, the change of the economic status of smaller companies as a result of the people buying the products of the more expensive brands but not the cheaper ones when there is a discount at the price. 

To sum up all, there is the positive reinforcement of the coupons and discounts at the products price. This leads people to buy the products that have a different price than it used to be. These changes in prices shown by some slogans which aim people buy more have effects in society. This includes social but mostly economic consequences such as wealth, fraud and weakening of small brands. Apart from that, it doesn’t have a huge effect on how people live but more like how people shape their preferences of product brands which makes some brands even more richer.


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