The Good of Community for Individuals

A community consists of individuals and are being shaped by the way they act in their personal and business life. The quality of a society depends on how the individuals take part efficiently. Additionally, the way they contribute to society as individuals has a direct correlation with the way they are benefiting from it. If people work for the community, community works for them. In either ways community benefits from the community itself. However, when there is only the presence of individuals who live for themselves without making any good to the community has nothing to get back like the others. That makes it clear that, without a good community, individual goods doesn’t make a real change in the result. 

Individuals, as being a part of a big piece, exist in a way that is apart from the rest of the piece. When individuals are being encouraged to do the best in a perfect way, they tend to become perfect, which aims to do the perfect job. This results in many individuals with perfect products produced by them. The only aim for their life becomes being perfect individuals that make the best for themselves but not for anyone else. Unlike the limited perfectly ambitious successful people there will be the people that live according to the rules of the community without a strict base. These people make a division formed between different classes of people that will be awarded according to their effort. Apart from that, there will also be the problematic people, which most of the time find some things to do just for the purpose of keeping up with your life without any specialized ambitions or plans. When we think of the good of individuals they are most of the time with the freedom of activities they are wishing to accomplish. They have the freedom to talk, think, believe and choose. That may sometimes include choosing the class you are in by working so hard or just a religion. This may seem to be the best for a community to exist by giving them what they want but in some case they might end up with the worst. Freedom gives a chance for good but also the chance to change your life or to change the whole system which results in an economic, political or social catastrophe. So that for the individual to benefit and improve itself in long term it is necessary to take more of groups and the community leading into account.

On the other hand, community is people and therefore people are there for people. Even at the beginning of the concept, it is obvious that there is a more likely process to take place to develop a new structure when there are many people working for other people to come to that point. This means not only developing how the individuals behave and improve themselves but also how do they affect the others and their improvements. Thinking of community goods bring stability and rule-based strict structure for the people who are a part. Everybody has to be almost the same when it comes to into practice. That is the main reason why people are being suppressed for what they do, believe and say. For keeping the stabilized pursue their process well-planned without any potential threats such as a political problem which comes from individual thoughts. For people living what they want in the future, there might be a limitation but that also creates a limitation for the ones that are trying to take his/her place. Everybody lives under the same rules and needs. They exist for a reason, to live, do their job and involved in the process of carrying through the needs of the community. In this way, they have no problem with their own issues since it will be solved by the system itself. 

When we think of the rights of a human, in every community there will be the right to think or question but it is important if they go deep inside to it and use it for a purpose. If people don’t have the tendency to question how the government or leaders of the society governs it there won’t be any problems with government looking at your personal information or messages. However, the power of the people who have the right to see everything about you has a chance to eliminate possible problems that might be the case in the following years.  When people know that they are under somebody’s control and investigation of what you’re doing, that changes as a result of observing effect. This can decrease many crimes that can be committed. However, in the case of freedom of speech and personal information to been kept secret there can’t be a way to become angry at the government about the crimes because it is because they won’t have the right to decrease it because of the laws. Additionally, what this is done by the top institutions and leaders of the world it becomes an important issue such as in the example of NSA surveillance. 

To sum up all, for security, community development and stability which is necessary for people to live with peace it is necessary to think the communities benefits before the individuals. Apart from the basic rights we have today, there is no real way to develop completely with being so-called respectful to different thoughts, it is much better to be having the same ideas in our mind but really living respectful to each other. For the good of living, community should exist whether it is under the system we have today which we accept to be the right or not but just in a way that provides stabilized order. As the community develops, as people benefit from other people, individuals win if they have different criteria’s for living. Stability brings peace which brings happiness.

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