The book I read during the summer holiday as an homework was ‘The Pearl’ which is written by John Steinbeck. The Pearl is a novel which has been published in 1947. The copy of the novel that I read was 89 pages and it has been published by Penguin Books. ‘The Pearl’ is a novel which gives a good lesson to its readers and it shows how horrible can it be to be rich.
‘The Pearl’ is about a poor family which loves their child, Coyotito, so much. Juana and Kino are parents of Coyotito who was stung by a scorpion. After the thing that happened to their child, they went to doctor, although because of their poorness and their race, the doctor didn’t accepted to cure him. As a real responsible parents, Kino and Juana put their whole effort on finding a pearl for pay the money to the doctor to cure Coyotito. They found the pearl but having the pearl didn’t help them at all. All the time they had with that pearl, they learned that money sometimes won’t be as good as it looks like from outside. The Pearl was the worst thing they had in their life. Unfortunately, they hadn’t got something to do but to get rid of the pearl.
When we look at the novel from another window, we can say that there are many things to say about the literature in the novel. Firstly, whole novel is written in the type of omniscient author. So that, author talkes about characters thoughts and feelings, which actually reader and the other characters in the novel can’t know and see on their own. Also, as another important point in the novel is descriptions. There are many descriptions in the novel. Sometimes, especially in the beginning of the novel, there are more decriptions than events. However, despite the normal facts about descriptive paragraphs in the books, these paragraphs in the novel are not boring. The book is very short and also very fluent. So that, this fluency makes the novel attractive.
Furthermore, there are some more points to add about the novel. For example, the author is amazing about criticizing every single person in the world. This faultfinding can be because of the fact of being rich and its effects. I don’t have a lot of information about the attitude of the people in 20th century but when we consider that those years were also developed years and the people care money. So that,we can say that it is quite similar to the days I live. And the only truth I know about the money is, how money makes people spoilt and competitive. So that there is a very obvious thing to say: Money doesn’t make the people better, even worse. That’s why John Steinbeck, showed us that fact really sharply. There was the real face of the both sides of the humanity, poor and rich; although there wasn’t a big difference to talk about.
All the things considered, we can say that the novel of John Steinbeck: The Pearl is a good way to show people how they are in reality, as a tool of mirror. This fluent novel shows us many other things about the real life, even if we see or not. In my opinion, it is a novel which worths reading. I definetely recommend everybody to read.

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