Who can deny the importance of benefits of writing into our lives?  During our life we always find a way to communicate with each other. Also whenever we have a conversation or do an agreement, we are turning it into writing. And writing makes it more permanent for future. In today life it has two ways to write: by hard or typing. Their purposes are same about conveying information but their methods and effects are completely different.

Firstly, different writing methods affect human and children’s mental growth and ability differently. Children develop fine motor skills and control when learning to write by hand. For example they learn how to avoid poking holes or tearing it. However typing is a very useful alternative to take notes comfortably on computer. Also because of the technology it is easy to reach wherever you write it.

Secondly, different writing methods affect accessibility and usefulness of reaching duration of writing method. For instance writing by hand makes it easier to recognize or remember letter than typing because it doesn’t help learning and remembering if they only print letters and don’t try to form them. On the other hand typing it on the computer or somewhere else is faster and more accessible even if your hand or arm or another part of your body is injured and not available to use. Especially if you are not good and writing you can’t write easily or you can lose it but you can’t lose the one which is on computer.

Thirdly, different writing methods affect legibility and identifying whose writing style is that. This is the most significant reason which pushed me to choose one of them because it is very different one. Writing by hand style gives your writing a character as it becomes highly indivualistic and every writing style has a character depending on this reason. Because of the legibility, shortness, smallness etc. It changes and effects evidences of crimes. So, by using hand writing you can solve a crime. Unlike hand writing, typing helps you to write more legible. For example in some examples, students lose lots of points just because of the legibility of their hand writing. And also there can be some misunderstandings or disagreements. So it can be problematic for bad readers or bad writers.

Even if we want to choose the most standardized and accessible one we shouldn’t forget how significant advantages writing by hand method has. Above all the one which is better should be hard writing, especially to improve some skills which should be gotten from childhood years.

“HAND WRITING VS. TYPING” üzerine bir düşünce

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