Who can deny the importance of being an admirable person, nowadays? Everybody wants to be an admirable person. Being admirable means to have lots of good qualities and embody whole good qualities. Being special for others. Everybody thinks of being admired by others once in their lifetime. But there are some criterias to be admirable. The most important qualities are honesty, success and courage, respectively.

Firstly, you should be honest if you want to be an admirable person. Honesty means lots of things: loyalty, kindness, respect… Honesty is necessary for your relationships. If you trust someone and if they don’t lie to you, then you believe each other and you never fight because you don’t call to mind that she is lying to you and if you don’t distrust, then you always keep your distance, so you can’t be close friends with someone. If you are honest, everyone trusts, and wants to learn and respect what you think. For example whenever you speak, they always listen to you and care whatever you say. They accept your ideas as true. Honest people knows lots of things. Because everybody shares secrets with them.

Secondly, you should be successful if you want to be an admirable person. And of course you should resolve and pursue for everything to become successful. Success make your life meaningful. Some people inherently have hardworking structure and they become successful everytime. But some of them just try to be hardworking or don’t do anything. If you don’t be inclined to achieve something, earn more money, work for achievement, being famous or more special than the others, your life become something monotone and you just feel that you are living. Because success make us more competitive and that competition make our life excited and meaningful. Survival is as important as meaningful life. If you want to survive you have to earn money and to be loved by the others. Because in today’s world if you don’t have money you are nothing, if someone doesn’t like you and he or she is important, then it may cause you to lose your job or career either.

Thirdly, you should be courageous if you want to be an admirable person. Courage doesn’t always provide success, it also cause problems but the difference between an admirable person and some people is, an admirable people take risks of problems but they constrain themselves if they see that it is imposible. If you don’t take risk you can’t have any chance to success and if you don’t be successful you can’t be admirable person. If you be courageous or act like you are courageous, people think that you make sure of yourself and you are reliable. Courageous people have fears as much as we have got but they have differences than us. They try to destroy or decrease their fears or they get used to live, be successful with them and try not to feel worried. If they confront with adversity they don’t give up, they acknowledge that and try to think what they can do for solve this problem.

All things considered, admirable person can have got different qualities but the most neccessary qualities to be an real admirable person are, honesty, success and courage, respectively. If you want to be an admirable person, it isn’t easy as much as you think but the process is simple, all you have to do is follow these steps, have good qualities and aspire to achievement.

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