Who can deny the importance of having brothers or sisters? There are two different ways and it is very different from each other because they effect their whole lifes. These two ways are small and large age differences between sublings and they both have advantages and disadvantages.

There are some brothers or sisters who have small age differences between each other. If you have, small age difference with your brothers or sisters there are some advantages. Firstly you can understand each other better because you have similar capacity to understand something, secondly you can share your clothes and makeup items because most probably your body measurements will look like each other and you will want to use more things if your gender is same and thirdly you can communicate better and more because you spend everytime with your brother or sister while large age differences sublings live in different houses because of the older subling wants to live alone.

If you have, small age difference between your brother or sister, there are also some disadvantages, for example, firstly you have to share your items and it can be boring and bad after a while because you may not want to give and share them with someone, secondly you have to see your brothers or sisters everyday and every moment except school and thirdly you can’t get any help from them because they are just learning or didn’t learned yet the things what you didn’t understand so they can’t teach you something.

These two kinds of age differences have both advantages and also disadvantages. Because of this, it is hard to choose one of them. If we compare small and large age differences and their advantages and also disadvantages, I think small age differences is the best.


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