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A Review Of Series Finale : Sense8

The best episode of the series has been published just for the fans who loved it. It has been announced that the series has been canceled after two seasons has been published already. That was due to the economical feedback they ended up with as a result of the lack of unforeseen profit they made. However, for Netflix, couldn’t just leave it because of the millions of fans waiting for at least a finale. The finale was, therefore, the last reason bringing up the cast together to architect a two and a half hours long episode which answers all the questions in people’s mind, even in theirs. 

Sense8 is a science fiction fantasy Netflix original series which basically represents the lives of 8 different people from different genders and different races. Instead of normal human beings, it tells the story of 8 people who were born at the same time in different places with the same distinction of literally being a different kind of human called homo sensorium. These people are emotionally connected which includes experiencing the pain the others feel.  Series, takes place in many different cities, that are in different continents. The combination of these races gives the chance to get an idea about the cultures of these people. This gives an international feeling to the audience. 

Sense8 creates an atmosphere which makes you feel like you are in there with them and fighting against anyone that comes to you. The feeling of not being alone always makes you braver than you can ever be. All the complexity created has left in the end with all problems being unsolved. That gives an undeniable reason for the finale being such long which is about three times longer than a normal episode. Despite a normal episode which would take place in 8 different cities which are  Berlin, Chicago, London, Mexico City, Mumbai, Nairobi, San Francisco, and Seoul, in the finale, it has spread mostly over Europe. Including their long trips, mostly the most important city was Paris. The adventure and views during their journey were terrific. They gave the chance to see Paris in a visually terrific way. The international principle was even broader in this episode. 

         The extended end of the of the story I predict cost a lot of money. Apart from the rent, they paid for all these places, this episode even included a wedding at Eiffel Tower. The feeling the wedding gave you were very meaningful at that moment. Especially with the amazing reaction of Nomi’s mother, it was a great way to show the power of love which can bring everybody together under the same roof. It was not only for Nomi who was criticized by her sexual preference as a transgender but also for the people who were completely different being shown united. That was a great way of showing that nothing can prevent this unity that brings people together especially these days. 

         The scene with the helicopter being exploded and everything is gone in a second gave the feeling that what you are watching is not a series but a movie but still it was bringing to an end that didn’t last in a second so it was completely satisfying.  The only problem was for sure not being able to watch the finale without splitting into two parts or so. It is far too long for a series like this. However, the scenes with a real desire of the cast make it much more appealing. As a result, it doesn’t really make you feel watching for that long but still long. 

         Their journey involving dances and adventure through train and car are both awesome and enjoyable. The ability of 8 people hearing the music the other’s listening gives a magical environment even for the normal people they are with can experience. This music preference on the background is definitely a great choice that puts you that mood. Also, the costumes are the main attractive choices in the finale, especially the dresses they wore at the wedding is very impressive. It makes the audience to feel that magical and luxurious environment on Eiffel Tower.

The series’ finale is a great combination of events that ironically fighting with the racism and people’s choices in their sexual life. It creates an atmosphere that is protected. The great acting performance is present with the amazing photography quality which must be perfect for a science fiction series like this. The choice of different nationalities brings more people together at the end which is even more even for the representation of unity. 



Nowadays, many people claim that due to the increase of average age in human population, the age that people retire must be increased. Apart from the possible opposing ideas that probably most of the people would like to say, for the benefit of community and government; it should be applied to laws. That is because of the people who will retire not having any real reasons to retire but their age that exceeds the limit.  In my way of thinking, it is the only way of getting rid of the problems that we might come across as a result of the developed health opportunities presented to us in this century. 

First of all, the most important factor that brings us to the point where we discuss the increase in the length of people’s life is a consequence of technology that develops science and health care. This factor eliminates most of the possible problems that might happen to the people who are at the retiring age. Unlike the people’s wish to stop working and spending money which is a result of years of work; health comes first when we consider the money presented by the governments. One of the most important reasons that makes people retire is them being tired and sick as a result of their age. However, since it is now given at the highest quality to all people, considering the big and developed countries, it can’t be stated as a reason to retire. 

Secondly, one of the most important of the discussion is the communities and government’s benefit which actually result in the beneficence of that person. When we talk about a government to benefit and develop, it first comes to the money problem. That comes as one of the biggest and most important problems in today’s century. That is a huge problem in many countries due to the governments despair of what to do with old people who have retired. That is because of the fact that government pays a lot of money for old people which they don’t get back enough of them from the young people which brings up an inequality in the economical status of these countries. That pushes governments to a difficult point. For that reason, the age limit must be exceeded. 

Thirdly, the profit of government is also very much connected to the person’s own rights of having a job and earning money. This is an important point when we discuss the jobs which are doable by older generations that an old person can do such as babysitting their own grandchildren which removes the possible simple jobs that younger generations might have. This result in the jobs that doesn’t require any university diploma or specified education being chosen by old one’s them instead of the people who are not getting any money from government. This problem of old people taking job opportunities from young people’s hand proves necessity of increasing retiring age. This will give the old people the obligation to work more years. 

To sum up all, since for today’s older generations which are able to do many things than it used to be in the past as a result of the developed conditions and technology in science, it can  modify some rules which if not changed can destroy many social rules and economic status. This can both be stated for the benefit of the community and the government but still ending up with the individual beneficence. 

Buy More, Save Big, Have It All

Buy More, Save Big, Have It All

In our current society, it is very common to buy what is more popular and expensive. For most of the people in the world, it is a better preference to buy the expensive one with a discount rather than buying the same product of the same quality which is far cheaper than the other one. For this purpose of catching the expensive products, that makes them wait for the suitable time of the discount seasons or times. 

Additionally, even if these people don’t need anything, they always tend to buy what is on sale or which product’s coupon they have even if they don’t even have a connection with. This idea of pushing the buyer to buy more as a result of the rewards such as coupons given or discounts, sales that are present at that time. This example of positive reinforcement is a type of operant conditioning in which consumers are rewarded for buying a product or service.[1]That was the reason why I chose the slogan ‘Buy More, Save Big, Have It All’, it was a way of showing how interested the people are in buying things for much more amounts which will cost them less money. That might even result in having too much irrelevant stuff at home because of the urge comes to you when you come across with a single slogan or message that gives the information about the pricecutting. Furthermore, sometimes when you see a product that is on sale at that company, you tend to buy it without comparing the other products and prices. Exaggerated prices with a current price end which has been cut by the discounts applied can even be the case. In this example, there is always a group of people who haven’t done the market research to see the current pricing of the product. That fact also proves that people in the twenty-first century have the tendency to buy the product with discount. 

When we see the slogans such as ‘buy 3 get 1 free’ or ‘limited offers’ we push ourselves much more into buying something for have been benefited from the discounts. These slogans are in most of the products whose sellers sell and calculate their benefit from it which will be done in several times a year mostly. The customer behavior is a very important point in that sector because of this reason. The owner of the company or the seller who knows about the usual customer behavior to buy the products which are on sale; and the seller who follows the current market pricing of a product makes his pricing accordingly in a way he won’t have a loss.

This human behavior of tendency to buy the products at a specific status might result in some social effects on the way they live. As an example of a good result, there are the people who benefit from the lower prices which will be supporting the family economy. This will make more people experience a high welfare status. Hence it is a way of developing the country/world when its socio-economic status of the country is taken account. On the other hand, it has negative effects such as fraud which happens by the formation of the substructure of the marketing sector to be competitive. That is because it becomes usual to sell some products for higher prices by the change of the amount inside of the package. Also, this negative effect includes, for some people only, the change of the economic status of smaller companies as a result of the people buying the products of the more expensive brands but not the cheaper ones when there is a discount at the price. 

To sum up all, there is the positive reinforcement of the coupons and discounts at the products price. This leads people to buy the products that have a different price than it used to be. These changes in prices shown by some slogans which aim people buy more have effects in society. This includes social but mostly economic consequences such as wealth, fraud and weakening of small brands. Apart from that, it doesn’t have a huge effect on how people live but more like how people shape their preferences of product brands which makes some brands even more richer.


The Good of Community for Individuals

A community consists of individuals and are being shaped by the way they act in their personal and business life. The quality of a society depends on how the individuals take part efficiently. Additionally, the way they contribute to society as individuals has a direct correlation with the way they are benefiting from it. If people work for the community, community works for them. In either ways community benefits from the community itself. However, when there is only the presence of individuals who live for themselves without making any good to the community has nothing to get back like the others. That makes it clear that, without a good community, individual goods doesn’t make a real change in the result. 

Individuals, as being a part of a big piece, exist in a way that is apart from the rest of the piece. When individuals are being encouraged to do the best in a perfect way, they tend to become perfect, which aims to do the perfect job. This results in many individuals with perfect products produced by them. The only aim for their life becomes being perfect individuals that make the best for themselves but not for anyone else. Unlike the limited perfectly ambitious successful people there will be the people that live according to the rules of the community without a strict base. These people make a division formed between different classes of people that will be awarded according to their effort. Apart from that, there will also be the problematic people, which most of the time find some things to do just for the purpose of keeping up with your life without any specialized ambitions or plans. When we think of the good of individuals they are most of the time with the freedom of activities they are wishing to accomplish. They have the freedom to talk, think, believe and choose. That may sometimes include choosing the class you are in by working so hard or just a religion. This may seem to be the best for a community to exist by giving them what they want but in some case they might end up with the worst. Freedom gives a chance for good but also the chance to change your life or to change the whole system which results in an economic, political or social catastrophe. So that for the individual to benefit and improve itself in long term it is necessary to take more of groups and the community leading into account.

On the other hand, community is people and therefore people are there for people. Even at the beginning of the concept, it is obvious that there is a more likely process to take place to develop a new structure when there are many people working for other people to come to that point. This means not only developing how the individuals behave and improve themselves but also how do they affect the others and their improvements. Thinking of community goods bring stability and rule-based strict structure for the people who are a part. Everybody has to be almost the same when it comes to into practice. That is the main reason why people are being suppressed for what they do, believe and say. For keeping the stabilized pursue their process well-planned without any potential threats such as a political problem which comes from individual thoughts. For people living what they want in the future, there might be a limitation but that also creates a limitation for the ones that are trying to take his/her place. Everybody lives under the same rules and needs. They exist for a reason, to live, do their job and involved in the process of carrying through the needs of the community. In this way, they have no problem with their own issues since it will be solved by the system itself. 

When we think of the rights of a human, in every community there will be the right to think or question but it is important if they go deep inside to it and use it for a purpose. If people don’t have the tendency to question how the government or leaders of the society governs it there won’t be any problems with government looking at your personal information or messages. However, the power of the people who have the right to see everything about you has a chance to eliminate possible problems that might be the case in the following years.  When people know that they are under somebody’s control and investigation of what you’re doing, that changes as a result of observing effect. This can decrease many crimes that can be committed. However, in the case of freedom of speech and personal information to been kept secret there can’t be a way to become angry at the government about the crimes because it is because they won’t have the right to decrease it because of the laws. Additionally, what this is done by the top institutions and leaders of the world it becomes an important issue such as in the example of NSA surveillance. 

To sum up all, for security, community development and stability which is necessary for people to live with peace it is necessary to think the communities benefits before the individuals. Apart from the basic rights we have today, there is no real way to develop completely with being so-called respectful to different thoughts, it is much better to be having the same ideas in our mind but really living respectful to each other. For the good of living, community should exist whether it is under the system we have today which we accept to be the right or not but just in a way that provides stabilized order. As the community develops, as people benefit from other people, individuals win if they have different criteria’s for living. Stability brings peace which brings happiness.


The book I read during the summer holiday as an homework was ‘The Pearl’ which is written by John Steinbeck. The Pearl is a novel which has been published in 1947. The copy of the novel that I read was 89 pages and it has been published by Penguin Books. ‘The Pearl’ is a novel which gives a good lesson to its readers and it shows how horrible can it be to be rich.
‘The Pearl’ is about a poor family which loves their child, Coyotito, so much. Juana and Kino are parents of Coyotito who was stung by a scorpion. After the thing that happened to their child, they went to doctor, although because of their poorness and their race, the doctor didn’t accepted to cure him. As a real responsible parents, Kino and Juana put their whole effort on finding a pearl for pay the money to the doctor to cure Coyotito. They found the pearl but having the pearl didn’t help them at all. All the time they had with that pearl, they learned that money sometimes won’t be as good as it looks like from outside. The Pearl was the worst thing they had in their life. Unfortunately, they hadn’t got something to do but to get rid of the pearl.
When we look at the novel from another window, we can say that there are many things to say about the literature in the novel. Firstly, whole novel is written in the type of omniscient author. So that, author talkes about characters thoughts and feelings, which actually reader and the other characters in the novel can’t know and see on their own. Also, as another important point in the novel is descriptions. There are many descriptions in the novel. Sometimes, especially in the beginning of the novel, there are more decriptions than events. However, despite the normal facts about descriptive paragraphs in the books, these paragraphs in the novel are not boring. The book is very short and also very fluent. So that, this fluency makes the novel attractive.
Furthermore, there are some more points to add about the novel. For example, the author is amazing about criticizing every single person in the world. This faultfinding can be because of the fact of being rich and its effects. I don’t have a lot of information about the attitude of the people in 20th century but when we consider that those years were also developed years and the people care money. So that,we can say that it is quite similar to the days I live. And the only truth I know about the money is, how money makes people spoilt and competitive. So that there is a very obvious thing to say: Money doesn’t make the people better, even worse. That’s why John Steinbeck, showed us that fact really sharply. There was the real face of the both sides of the humanity, poor and rich; although there wasn’t a big difference to talk about.
All the things considered, we can say that the novel of John Steinbeck: The Pearl is a good way to show people how they are in reality, as a tool of mirror. This fluent novel shows us many other things about the real life, even if we see or not. In my opinion, it is a novel which worths reading. I definetely recommend everybody to read.


The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas is a book which is based on Jews genocide and narrate the reality of those days in an innocent boy point of view who is German. And also t is a book which becomes a movie after the book published in 2006. The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas expresses those days atmosphere as much objective as it can do. Both movie and the book tells and express those days and human’s feelings in an innocent point of view but in different emotions of the characters, with different events and different effects on reader or viewer.
One of the most important points that take attention is different and similar qualities of emotions and thoughts of the characters. For example in the book father is more authoritative and rude but in the movie, he is more sensitive and friendly. Similarly, in the movie mother is more close to her children and she is very emotional but in the book, she is bossier. However, Bruno and Gretel’s relation is very bad and unsympathetic just like in the book. Also, grandfather is very rude and stubborn to everyone and especially about Jews.
As a one more important topic, in the movie there are lots of events which happens differently or in similar ways and effects movie directly but not with a huge difference. For example, in the movie father came Out-with with his family but in the book, he came before his family. Similarly, the mother doesn’t be polite to Pavel and also she wants him not to tell anyone about the injury but in the movie she thanks to him. Likewise, Shmuel isn’t mentioning anything about his being Jewish and building a hut. However, both in the movie and the book, houses are described very similar to each other. Also, they are moving to the same place and with same people.
Last and the clearest thing is the impression and effects on reader or viewer. As we all know, while we are reading a book, we are creating our own world and visualizing the book in our brain. However, if we only watch the movie we can only see writer’s or director’s perception. It is going on in the same way in this book. While I was reading The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas I created a place which can only include my own creativity and the world which I want to be a member of. However, after I watched the movie, it wasn’t more than a movie for me anymore. So the movie became a disappointment for me.
In conclusion, The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas is very meaningful and special in both movie and the book. Despite lots of similarities, there are some differences that make choices easier: Impression. The book is the world and if someone else creates your own world, how can you become creative and have can you visualize and feel the atmosphere. So the most attractive choice is the book and the most important reason is its impression.



Who can deny the importance of benefits of writing into our lives?  During our life we always find a way to communicate with each other. Also whenever we have a conversation or do an agreement, we are turning it into writing. And writing makes it more permanent for future. In today life it has two ways to write: by hard or typing. Their purposes are same about conveying information but their methods and effects are completely different.

Firstly, different writing methods affect human and children’s mental growth and ability differently. Children develop fine motor skills and control when learning to write by hand. For example they learn how to avoid poking holes or tearing it. However typing is a very useful alternative to take notes comfortably on computer. Also because of the technology it is easy to reach wherever you write it.

Secondly, different writing methods affect accessibility and usefulness of reaching duration of writing method. For instance writing by hand makes it easier to recognize or remember letter than typing because it doesn’t help learning and remembering if they only print letters and don’t try to form them. On the other hand typing it on the computer or somewhere else is faster and more accessible even if your hand or arm or another part of your body is injured and not available to use. Especially if you are not good and writing you can’t write easily or you can lose it but you can’t lose the one which is on computer.

Thirdly, different writing methods affect legibility and identifying whose writing style is that. This is the most significant reason which pushed me to choose one of them because it is very different one. Writing by hand style gives your writing a character as it becomes highly indivualistic and every writing style has a character depending on this reason. Because of the legibility, shortness, smallness etc. It changes and effects evidences of crimes. So, by using hand writing you can solve a crime. Unlike hand writing, typing helps you to write more legible. For example in some examples, students lose lots of points just because of the legibility of their hand writing. And also there can be some misunderstandings or disagreements. So it can be problematic for bad readers or bad writers.

Even if we want to choose the most standardized and accessible one we shouldn’t forget how significant advantages writing by hand method has. Above all the one which is better should be hard writing, especially to improve some skills which should be gotten from childhood years.


Who can deny the importance of being an admirable person, nowadays? Everybody wants to be an admirable person. Being admirable means to have lots of good qualities and embody whole good qualities. Being special for others. Everybody thinks of being admired by others once in their lifetime. But there are some criterias to be admirable. The most important qualities are honesty, success and courage, respectively.

Firstly, you should be honest if you want to be an admirable person. Honesty means lots of things: loyalty, kindness, respect… Honesty is necessary for your relationships. If you trust someone and if they don’t lie to you, then you believe each other and you never fight because you don’t call to mind that she is lying to you and if you don’t distrust, then you always keep your distance, so you can’t be close friends with someone. If you are honest, everyone trusts, and wants to learn and respect what you think. For example whenever you speak, they always listen to you and care whatever you say. They accept your ideas as true. Honest people knows lots of things. Because everybody shares secrets with them.

Secondly, you should be successful if you want to be an admirable person. And of course you should resolve and pursue for everything to become successful. Success make your life meaningful. Some people inherently have hardworking structure and they become successful everytime. But some of them just try to be hardworking or don’t do anything. If you don’t be inclined to achieve something, earn more money, work for achievement, being famous or more special than the others, your life become something monotone and you just feel that you are living. Because success make us more competitive and that competition make our life excited and meaningful. Survival is as important as meaningful life. If you want to survive you have to earn money and to be loved by the others. Because in today’s world if you don’t have money you are nothing, if someone doesn’t like you and he or she is important, then it may cause you to lose your job or career either.

Thirdly, you should be courageous if you want to be an admirable person. Courage doesn’t always provide success, it also cause problems but the difference between an admirable person and some people is, an admirable people take risks of problems but they constrain themselves if they see that it is imposible. If you don’t take risk you can’t have any chance to success and if you don’t be successful you can’t be admirable person. If you be courageous or act like you are courageous, people think that you make sure of yourself and you are reliable. Courageous people have fears as much as we have got but they have differences than us. They try to destroy or decrease their fears or they get used to live, be successful with them and try not to feel worried. If they confront with adversity they don’t give up, they acknowledge that and try to think what they can do for solve this problem.

All things considered, admirable person can have got different qualities but the most neccessary qualities to be an real admirable person are, honesty, success and courage, respectively. If you want to be an admirable person, it isn’t easy as much as you think but the process is simple, all you have to do is follow these steps, have good qualities and aspire to achievement.


Who can deny the importance of having brothers or sisters? There are two different ways and it is very different from each other because they effect their whole lifes. These two ways are small and large age differences between sublings and they both have advantages and disadvantages.

There are some brothers or sisters who have small age differences between each other. If you have, small age difference with your brothers or sisters there are some advantages. Firstly you can understand each other better because you have similar capacity to understand something, secondly you can share your clothes and makeup items because most probably your body measurements will look like each other and you will want to use more things if your gender is same and thirdly you can communicate better and more because you spend everytime with your brother or sister while large age differences sublings live in different houses because of the older subling wants to live alone.

If you have, small age difference between your brother or sister, there are also some disadvantages, for example, firstly you have to share your items and it can be boring and bad after a while because you may not want to give and share them with someone, secondly you have to see your brothers or sisters everyday and every moment except school and thirdly you can’t get any help from them because they are just learning or didn’t learned yet the things what you didn’t understand so they can’t teach you something.

These two kinds of age differences have both advantages and also disadvantages. Because of this, it is hard to choose one of them. If we compare small and large age differences and their advantages and also disadvantages, I think small age differences is the best.



A letter I wrote to the school principal as a homework.

To whom it may concern:

The aim of this report is to make the classrooms better places to study in. While you are studying it is important to be comfortable and not distracting place for students or teachers but it isn’t that easy to create a place like that. So I asked students for their views.

They all thought different ideas for this creative and effective change. It is recommended that the classroom changes should be listed like I did in this report.

  • Increasing the duration of lessons and also break times.
  • Studying and having lessons with phones and iPad’s.
  • Playing more games about lessons like Kahoot!
  • Using smart boards in the lessons
  • Doing worksheets and homework online
  • Reading more books during the lessons
  • Fixing school and class materials: walls, curtains, etc.
  • Sitting on more comfortable chairs
  • Taking cupboards into classroom
  • Changing color of the light

It was felt by most student that improving the classroom would be more useful and efficient to prepare better place to study. Buying and using technology would benefit the majority of students. I would therefore recommend spending money in that way.

If you have any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

E. B.